#2 Challenge – no coffee for one month

After get sick in my previous challenge and still pending to finish it, I’m going to try to avoid coffee in my body for one month. I used to drink between 3 or 4 coffees per day, and I think that this extra energy that you feel just (one second) after you drink coffee is a brain reflect.


Why stop?

1. Numerous studies link coffee to calcium loss contributing to osteoporosis, and more bone fractures. Calcium is robbed from your bones to neutralize every time you consume something acidic like coffee.

2. Coffee makes you acidic. A healthy body maintains a blood pH of around 7.3. Coffee is 25.1 on the acidic scale. All disease is promoted in an acidic environment and your health goal should be to create an alkaline body.

3. Decaffeinated Coffee is just as bad as and even more acidic than regular coffee. Most Decaffeinated Coffees are processed with formaldehyde, which is one of the most toxic substances to humans. Even in small amounts, formaldehyde can cause serious health problems and unfortunately takes years to finally dissipate.

4. Coffee dehydrates you and raises your cortisol levels (aging you more rapidly).

5. Coffee is another way to borrow energy from the future, but crashes you in the end.