10 Things Super Successful People Do During Lunch

1. They leave their desks. “Staying at your desk is a big no-no in my book,” Michael Kerr, president of Humor at Work, says in an interview with Forbes. “There are more and more reports on the dangers of sitting too long, so even just getting up to walk to another room to eat is important.”

2. They go outside. A walk in the park can help rejuvenate the mind after a morning of hard work. Researchers at the University of Michigan found that subjects with recent exposure to nature performed better on memory and attention tests than those who did not.

3. They exercise. Steve Cooper, editor-in-chief of Hitched Magazine, says he runs during his lunch break every day. “The sweat, the fatigue, the endorphin rush all give me a boost in the afternoon and into the evening,” he writes in a column on Forbes. “It sounds counterintuitive, but after my runs I have more energy for the rest of the day and my mind is again sharp and ready to tackle any task.”

4. They read. “[Take] in as much information as possible throughout the day—reading magazines, watching films,” says advertising executive Tor Myhren. The man behind the E-Trade talking babies campaign adds that “all that information in your brain” creates an “inspiration overload.” Lunch could be just the opportunity you need to get your creative juices flowing.

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#2 Challenge – no coffee for one month

After get sick in my previous challenge and still pending to finish it, I’m going to try to avoid coffee in my body for one month. I used to drink between 3 or 4 coffees per day, and I think that this extra energy that you feel just (one second) after you drink coffee is a brain reflect.


Why stop?

1. Numerous studies link coffee to calcium loss contributing to osteoporosis, and more bone fractures. Calcium is robbed from your bones to neutralize every time you consume something acidic like coffee.

2. Coffee makes you acidic. A healthy body maintains a blood pH of around 7.3. Coffee is 25.1 on the acidic scale. All disease is promoted in an acidic environment and your health goal should be to create an alkaline body.

3. Decaffeinated Coffee is just as bad as and even more acidic than regular coffee. Most Decaffeinated Coffees are processed with formaldehyde, which is one of the most toxic substances to humans. Even in small amounts, formaldehyde can cause serious health problems and unfortunately takes years to finally dissipate.

4. Coffee dehydrates you and raises your cortisol levels (aging you more rapidly).

5. Coffee is another way to borrow energy from the future, but crashes you in the end.

#1 Challenge – 150 KM running in 30 days

I will start a series of  30 days challenges to improve the quality of life (Life hacking)  and I will comment on the blog my victories and defeats.

Why 30 days?

How to choose a challenge?

The idea is to start with small challenges knowing your own limitations and trying to beat them. Determination is the key to success. I’ll add a reward to help in the hardest moments.

My first challenge is to run 150KM in the gym in 30 days. This will help to have more agility (I’d run a half marathon this year), lose some weight and to have a strong routine to go to the gym. My reward will be a nice apartment in Prague for 2 weeks in June.

Get ready for the challenge

Before you start a challenge, be clear with what you want to achieve and what you need. If you do not have what you need (in this case, a gym, running clothes), you may not be able to complete it and you will be frustrated.

My First Post

There are many reasons for starting this blog. Firstly as a way to keep track of all my tips, tutorials, code snippets and various web projects. I like to be active in the world of web development and have been knocking out sites and libraries for years.

Secondly I wanted somewhere to document all my trips and experiences around the world and also all my life hacking improvements.

Finally, it will be a convenient place to dump my thoughts on PHP, MySQL, nginx, JS, and the world of computers in general.

So welcome, and thanks for reading.