#1 Challenge – 150 KM running in 30 days

I will start a series of  30 days challenges to improve the quality of life (Life hacking)  and I will comment on the blog my victories and defeats.

Why 30 days?

How to choose a challenge?

The idea is to start with small challenges knowing your own limitations and trying to beat them. Determination is the key to success. I’ll add a reward to help in the hardest moments.

My first challenge is to run 150KM in the gym in 30 days. This will help to have more agility (I’d run a half marathon this year), lose some weight and to have a strong routine to go to the gym. My reward will be a nice apartment in Prague for 2 weeks in June.

Get ready for the challenge

Before you start a challenge, be clear with what you want to achieve and what you need. If you do not have what you need (in this case, a gym, running clothes), you may not be able to complete it and you will be frustrated.